Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yoga for knitters

Like I said the other day, it's hard to for me to knit like I use to at the moment. When I do find time to sit down for a moment, it doesn't take long until my shoulders ache. The ache itself is not that bad really but if I ignore it I will wake up all tense the day after and without exception have an exploding headache by noon. My right shoulder has been bad for years, it's a result from too many years working in front of the computer and bad posture. A doctor once explained to me that the tissue around my shoulderblades is thin like a nylon stocking and when it gets torn, it's actually not repairable. The only thing I can do is to build up strength in the muscles around them.

I have found yoga to be the best practise to fix my shoulder problems, and especially Iyengar yoga. But since Isola was born I haven't had the time to go to any classes. I looked for some DVDs that focus on problem areas when you sit a lot and I even found one for knitters! Isn't that great!? Not that the covers look too exciting though....

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