Monday, December 12, 2011

Yarn crafts for kids

Today is Isola's second birthday. Happy birthday sweetheart! This is the first birthday when she is old enough to find it exciting to receive gifts and get all the attention, although it makes her feel very shy at times. It 's wonderful to see the expression on her face when she opens her presents. You can actually not tell if a certain gift will be a hit or not before she opens it. And you never really know how she will use it. One of her favorite toys are a box of pearls. But she doesn't use it for making necklaces, she pours the pearls in cups and have tea parties.

I really look forward to her getting a couple of years older so that we can craft together! I could spend hours crafting when I was a kid (I still do if I only get the chance!) For example, I used to glue different materials together to make dolls. I remember when I was about five and kept nagging my Mom that she'd teach me how to knit. This is what she did: She cast on and knitted a couple of rows. Then she gave me needle and told me to poke and pierce the piece with the other needle for about five minutes. Then I would give the knitting back to her "for inspection" at which she'd quickly knit another couple of rows to trick me ínto believing that I had actually knit something. I don't know why she didn't even try to teach me the real way. Maybe she knew enough about my patience to see that it wouldn't work. Needles to say, I found knitting to be very boring...

I think that I will try to teach Isola to do whatever she wants when she is ready to learn. There are so many different crafts that you can do with your kids! Here are some of them - all yarn-related of course.

Yarn apple, tutorial here.

Yarn heart, tutorial here.

Yarn balloons by Jessica Levitt. Tutorial here.

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