Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spin me right round - December update

Just one single post in December! Why? Well, I except for a couple of small special orders from friends and family I haven't been knitting much lately. (Ok I spend some time - too much time! - with an alpaca/cotton sweater with a crazy ad lib-make-it-up-as-you-knit-kinda-pattern that ended up in nothing but that's all.) Partly because I've been suffering from shoulder pains and colds these last two months but also because I've realized something about my knitting... I fear that it's not really the knitting I like. It's the fibre. It's the wool. That must be the reason why I almost never finish anything unless I have to (when knitting gifts for example). That's why I love planning projects but grow tired of it when I'm halfway and start looking at some other patterns, colors, yarn. It's the fibre itself that I like. Maybe I'm having some sort of wool fetisch?

So during my knitting drought I returned to spinning and boy have I spun. I even got me a spinning wheel. It's really old, almost antique, and I knew almost nothing about spinning wheels when I got it. It must have been dear to somebody because it has been mended at a hundred different spots. But it still hardly work. The few seconds that it works it really wonderful but then I spend hours and hours fixing it here and there... I hate stuff that don't work! However, studying it has really made me want one! That works that is.

The new family member that I love and hate at the same time.
 But until I can afford a new one - pray that it will be soon! - me and my spindle are best friends. Here are some of the things I've spun lately.


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