Friday, September 30, 2011

At the restaurant


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She will steal your heart and keep it

  She's a little bit of sunshine / she's a smile to light your days / she will steal your heart and keep it / with her warm and endearing ways...  

I love this poem, it really feels like it's written for my little girl and I hope all parents feel the same. It inspired me to make her a mitten with a heart in her hand! The pattern needs a little tuning, then I 'll post it here on the blog! So stay tuned... 

Winterwarm wrists

Colorful mittens from RainbowMittens

The time that passes from winter to winter may indeed seem like a lifetime for kids. Seasons change and they change as well! Isola absolutely loved her mittens last winter. She was only one year old and could barely walk but needed to have those mittens hanging around her neck wherever she went, indoors too. She could even put them on herself which I thought was quite impressive for a baby. But spring came and I stashed them away in a drawer. Today when I gave her new mittens for this fall, she just stared suspiciously at them. I said "Come on, let's try them on!". She sat down on the floor and started to take off her socks. She had forgotten what mittens are. "No, no, it's not socks. It's mittens. You put them on your hands!" She reluctantly let me put the mittens on both of her hands. She was very suspicious. Then she touched her face with one of them and almost shuddered at the sensation of wool to her cheek. "Hair" she shrieked like she use to when a strand of cat hair gets in her face and tore them off. "No, they're not hairy. They're made of the softest alpaca wool there is. And you're going to wear them!" That's what I wanted to say but what point is there? If a two-year-old complains that the mittens are hairy then she's problably right. I just said "Ok honey, maybe you'll like them better when it's colder outside....." and put them away. And then I started on another pair =)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall dresses - inspiration

I just love the kids wear from Zara. Especially the dresses, they are gorgeous. And way too pretty for wild days at kindergarten but still... I want all of them! And I can totally see some of them translated into knitted dresses. Especially this one;

I even have the yarn for it! I would make it the softest sport weight alpaca from Drops.

This one is definately going to be cast on.

Suffer the needle chill...

Lindex, one of Swedens fashion chains have had great knits the last couple of falls. And this year their line is modeled by no other than Reese Witherspoon! Besides their colourful collection with comfy polo sweaters and cable knits, their storefronts have been displaying all kinds of fun knitting-props. Last year their mannequins had giant skeins of yarn instead of heads. This fall they had giant knitting needles in the window. And I mean giant, about two meters long! I can almost see them as curtain rods at my home but I'm not sure the rest of family would approve...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teeny tiny tweed

I love tweed. I don't know why but I just love the texture of it. I always glance at the skeins of chunky tweed when I shop for yarn but by some strange reason I just don't get any ideas about what to do with it. I can't really picture any project that desperately calls out for tweed. But I'm destined to find one.

And when I went to my LYS (local yarn store, yeah!) last week I spotted a big glass bowl at the counter, filled with these small balls of lovely tweed. It was Rowans Fine Tweed, skeins of merely 25 grams. They were cuter than cupcakes! I just had to have one. So I now sit here and sip my tea and stare at this this teeny tiny ball of dark pink tweed. It so cute I'm not sure I want to unravel it.

UPDATE: I decided to make little wristlets for Isola. Started out with 1k1p rib on 3 mm needles. It looked more like a net than rib. And the yarn felt like it was made of paper.. Didn't do. I have to put it aside until I find a better project for it. Do you have any ideas?
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