Thursday, December 15, 2011

The best store for storage

I have never been a fan of Muji until now. I used to wonder what on earth the deal with Muji was. When they first opened their store in my town I thought that everything they sold were made of recycled material, why did it otherwise look so dull? But that was then. NOW I have changed completely. I used to live like a victorian, ie the more stuff the better. But now I tend to wish for a more Zen-like feeling of my home.

So when I went to Muji a couple of days ago I did it just because I knew that they sell a lot of different boxes. And I did find some clear plastic shoe boxes that will work great for a lot of different stuff - yes, YARN too! In fact, there were loads of stuff that I suddenly felt a need for. Everything looks so darn clean and smart and it will make your home look clean and smart too. I will definately be shopping more from Muji. I think Muji may even have the solution for my yarn stash. Check out their storage range here.

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