Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old stuff, new ideas

We have just downsized our home by 50%. It means that we have looked at basically every item we own and asked ourselves if we really need it. And of course our opinions differ sometimes. If we can't decide or agree then there is always the attic. And thanks to J's unwillingness to get rid of stuff the poor attic was packed to the max way too soon.

We talked about his comic books the other day and I really couldn't see any reasons to keep them in the apartment if at all. Not that I have anything against them per se, it's just that during the 13 years we've lived together I've seen him read the books about five times in total. So why keep them? And they are so many! We really only have room for things that are useful. So one of his arguments to keep the comic books was that they also could serve as furniture if you stack them. Yeah, right. I almost laughed him right in his face. But then I found this online... Touché. So now I need to find some way to quickly turn skeins of yarn into let's say, a coffee table. Ideas, anyone?


  1. The skeins can be put in cubes or vases or bowl all around your house and called art... It can also be hidden under beds, in stack-able cute little train cases and such. Wallah!

  2. When you say cube, I see a big plastic cube filled with skeins that could serve as a coffe table... and with a small hole in it, it could serve as a yarn holder at the same time! I could sit in my sofa and knit right from the coffe table, lol!


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