Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knitwear for four-legged family members

I used to belly dance a couple of years ago. (I miss the tablas and shimmies). And it seemed to me that most belly dancers preferred cats to dogs. I don't know why. I also feel that maybe the same is true about the knitting community, but to a lesser extent. Maybe it's because cats and knitters share the love of balls of yarn... In any case, a lot of us have furry family members, be it cats, dogs, guinea pigs or other creatures. Do we knit for them? Well, I know that none of my cats would be caught dead wearing anything that resembles cloth so I wouldn't even try. But I found some patterns online if you'd like to have a go. Click on the link to get to the pattern. Most of these models seems to be feel very comfortable in their outfits! Even the last one...

Log's Turtleneck

Cat Hoodie

Little Black Dress with Pearls

To humiliate the dog

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