Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mad about Mad Men

I am a bit obsessed with the AMC series Mad Men. Those of you who watch it knows what I'm talking about. That Don Draper. Drool. And Joan Holloway, well, a little drool for her too. And the wardrobe! Double drool. There are many many reasons to be a fan of Mad Men, it has won thirteen Emmys and four Golden Globes to prove it, and even if you wouldn't sympathize with the characters or be interested in the plot (unlikely) you should watch it just for the visual style alone.

Even before Mad Men came into my life I've had moments when I wanted to throw out my wardrobe and just replace it with 50s and 60s garments only. And I mean classy outfits, not rockabilly-style. It's still on my to-do-list. The full skirt dresses and the wiggle dresses, I like them a lot. But I'm not that impressed with the knitwear. OK, those twin set cardigans are cute but how boring to knit! Mostly stockinette stitches and the gauge is always so damn small. It will take forever to knit a garment for an adult not to mention how boring it would be. I don't get how anybody can take time and have the energy to do that. I have a womens' magazine from 1959 where a reader sent in a letter asking for knitting advice. She had several kilos of a particular yarn and wanted to knit full lenght curtains! I envy her patience and endurance.

But I do have one pattern for a top inspired by the 50s that I need to knit. It's in my mental queue and looks like this. Isn't it cute? It involves a zipper, cable knitting and a bit of sewing so now how can I possibly be bored with that?

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