Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tiny tweed project

I finally did find a project for my tiny tweed skeins. I teamed them up with soft Drops Alpaca and made wristlets for mums and their kids. Perfect match for both yarn and wearer. Pattern will come, the kids size were made without problem but the mum size is still under unravelling, retouching and test knitting. At the moment I'm working on a green pair, on the needles you see Alpaca in Oliven Mix and the tweed is in a color called Hubberholme. Both of them are great green hues, both popping and sophisticated at the same time. Will definately knit more project in Oliven Mix or them both.

I really like knitting in the round on double pointed needles, except for the first two or three rounds when the project still is unstable. It seems like the needles just slip around. If the project is small like this one it's quite manageable, but with a larger project or projects with five needles I feel like Edward Scissorhands.

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