Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Enter Entrelac

Except for knitting faster than I can do today, there is two more things that I really wish to improve. One is to master color knitting, to be able to knit with several colors at once. I never get satisfied with the result, it is quite uneven and bumpy, not to mention that the different strands always get tangled and make me nuts. Until I get better at it, I sometimes use self-striping yarn to make something really colorful.

The other thing I want to learn is the entrelac knitting. I've tried it once and didn't quite catch it. It just didn't work out, and I use to LOVE complicated patterns. So I decided that I should try another tutorial. There are quite a few instructions for entrelac on the web and I've singled out this one, it looks great, easy to follow and is free.

AND then I made a search for both entrelac and self-striping yarn and found great examples of a successful combination. Just look at this beautiful entrelac scarf by Hikko. She made this with yarn from Noro. Knits like these really inspire me.

Entrelac Scarf by Hikko


  1. What a beautiful piece! Which Noro yarn is it?

  2. Yes, don't you get a liiittle jealous? The yarn Hikko used is Noro Kureyon Sock.


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