Monday, April 2, 2012

Sleepy monkeys

It's already April and I realize that I didn't have any "Interview of the month" in March. Sorry about that but it has just been too busy! .But there is certainly no shortage of inspiring designers, knitters or fibre artists out there. Here is one that I would like to share with you right away: Mary Ann Stephens has been knitting since she was five and sort of specialize in Norweigan and Fair Isle designs and seems to always knit in multiple colours. She runs and have had designs published in Twist Collective and Vogue Knitting.

Just look at that beautiful Rosalia Kimono! You can buy her patterns on her website and on Ravelry and she also shares her inspiration sources for her designs on her blog Two Strands.

Another of her designs that I really love is the Sleepy Monkey Blanket. It's a reversible stranded baby blanket that you can make in several colourways. On her blog she even have listed several charts with alternate colourways for you to choose from, most of them unisex. Every baby should have a blanket like this! And it seems so fun to knit... Alas, if I only had the time.

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