Saturday, April 21, 2012

Round rag rug and super deals

Isola has been very ill the last week, with high fever, a cough from hell and an ear infection on top of that. We have been locked up inside the house for days and I have really wished that I had a project to pick up in between blowing noses and giving medication. OK I always have projects, I meant that I had yarn. The right yarn. To match my mood. But I had time to try an experiment that I've been thinking about lately, namely knitting rag rugs. But it didn't work out well. Not even my fatest needles were fat enough. So I tried to crochet by hand instead. It's really really mindless and sort of calming...round and round it goes... looks like this so far:

But I made a real bargain yesterday. Found out that Garnstudio had a special edition release of one of their Drops yarns for only SEK 7 a skein (which is a tad more than a dollar) and I managed to put my hands on 25 skeins before they were completely sold out after one day in the stores. So now I suddenly have several projects just screaming for attention. I think I will start with something for Isola though. Some of the finds I made...

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