Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cute - and some not-so-cute - knitted bags

I want an orange handbag for spring. I have had a sort of love/hate relationship with the colour orange all my life. We're on speaking terms at the moment and it seems to be one of the trend colours for spring as I feel like I see it "everywhere". I've spotted orange shoes, sweaters and pants that I like - but no handbag. Well the hunt continues. I made a Ravelry search for bags just for fun and here's a handful of what I found.

Will start with this felted one, a favorite I've had in my queue for years. I first spotted it on a blog and then spent many hours trying to make up the pattern myself. That was before I found Ravelry and voilĂ , suddenly the pattern was just THERE and hundreds of people had posted pictures of their bag. But I STILL haven't finished it.
By Ishi-knit.  Bag in picture by Jillyolly on Ravelry.

Formal Boot Bag, free pattern by Laura Irwin here. This is a gem! It's partially felted and looks great with a metal chain like the original but I also like it the way raveler rbharper made it, with snap closure. And in orange!

Bag with cable pattern from Drops, free pattern here.

And then I found some that were eh.. not so cute.

Tentacle bag from Yarn Visions, pattern here.

 Uterus Drawstring Bag by Just Stitched. Eh, what? I guess the name says it all! No lack of imagination here...

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