Thursday, February 9, 2012

The other needle II: Crocodile stitch

I would like knit an airy top for kids with some crocodile stitch added too it. Why? Not sure... I don't remember how I came up with this idea. But I decided to give the crocodile stitch a go, it's been a while since I crocheted. I prefer the looks of knitted items but crochet works great for details and brims. And it's fun! Almost as fun as knitting...

I looked around and decided to use this tutorial by Teresa to learn the crocodile (or petal) stitch.  Even though it's not ideal to use a multicoloured yarn when you want to give a clear demonstration of a somewhat complicated stitch, I still think that she does the job and you quickly get the hang of it.

It was great fun to crochet this stitch and I got a little carried away, the swatch turned into a scarf.

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