Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Iphone friendly gloves

Picture from Nelkin Designs.
I remember the first time I used my iphone outside on a cold day. It rang and I tried to answer it, having my gloves on. Why the heck didn't it work?!? But then I learned about the low voltage stuff and how touch screens work. So of course there is a market for special touch screen gloves. Some of them are really ugly, like the ones with metallic tips on them or just plain awkward with detachable tips. Good for us knitters is that we now can knit our own! Just use conductive thread together with the yarn when you knit the fingertips. Just google conductive thread or buy it at this Etsyshop, Nelkin Designs


  1. Wow! Måste införskaffas till nästa vinter! Kan man beställa av dig?


  2. Ja, såna måste man ha! Men jag "gör inte" fingervantar tyvärr... bara tanken på att sitta o sticka TIO fingrar innan man är klar. Nä, det tålamodet har jag inte just nu =)


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