Monday, May 7, 2012

Daisy sweater in Drops Cotton Light

I managed to finish a sleeveless sweater for Isola today. Well, it was supposed to be for her but it came out way too large so it has to hang in the closet for a while. The pattern is from pickles and I picked this project for two reasons: one, I liked the daisy pattern and wanted to try it out and two, I wanted to try this yarn. It's Cotton Light from Drops. Their RELAUNCHED Cotton Light. If I remember correctly, their old Cotton Light was a cotton and acrylic mix. It was soft and squishy without being squeeky. Nice. But now it's made in cotton and polyester micro and is supposed to breath more. That's good news. It's spun with 14 threads and on their website Drops says that it's less suitable for crochet since it can split. Well, I can tell you that's it's certainly not suitable for any advanced stitch patterns either.

Although the touch of it seems a bit paper-like in the skein it knits up beautifully. It drapes very well and feels cool and soft. As long as in stockinette stitch. When I came to the daisy stitch part I felt like going crazy because it split all the time. Part of the stitch requires that you purl three stitches together, and without letting the stitches off the hook, you yarn over and purl the same three stitches togheter again. This was almost impossible. It was like having 45 separate strands of sewing thread on the needle instead of three strands of yarn. And since cotton yarn isn't as elastic as wool it didn't bounce back once it split, even though I reknit. So the yoke took FOREVER.

So the verdict on Drops Cotton Light: really great for stockinette stitch or basic stitch patterns. Crap for other stuff.

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