Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teeny tiny tweed

I love tweed. I don't know why but I just love the texture of it. I always glance at the skeins of chunky tweed when I shop for yarn but by some strange reason I just don't get any ideas about what to do with it. I can't really picture any project that desperately calls out for tweed. But I'm destined to find one.

And when I went to my LYS (local yarn store, yeah!) last week I spotted a big glass bowl at the counter, filled with these small balls of lovely tweed. It was Rowans Fine Tweed, skeins of merely 25 grams. They were cuter than cupcakes! I just had to have one. So I now sit here and sip my tea and stare at this this teeny tiny ball of dark pink tweed. It so cute I'm not sure I want to unravel it.

UPDATE: I decided to make little wristlets for Isola. Started out with 1k1p rib on 3 mm needles. It looked more like a net than rib. And the yarn felt like it was made of paper.. Didn't do. I have to put it aside until I find a better project for it. Do you have any ideas?

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